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LdV Open Enrollment Visitation Dates 2021-2022


All visits begin at 9:15 via ZOOM.US

November 19. 2020   ID Code: 88255565865 Password: LdV Visit

December 3, 2020   ID Code:  88255565865  Password:  LdV Visit

December 17, 2020   ID Code:  88255565865 Password:  LdV Visit

January 21, 2021    ID Code:  86316181785 Password:  dolphin

February 4, 2020   ID Code:  88992336810  Password:  learn

February 4, 2020  ID Code:  88992336810  Password:  learn MANDATORY SIBLING MEETING 11:30-12:30

Parent Teacher Council (PTC)


The PTC is organized to provide an open forum for the school community to discuss issues, exchange ideas, and provide solutions to issues affecting the community. Its goal is to maintain LdV’s high-quality Integrated Thematic Instruction Program (ITI) emphasizing arts and sciences and to make recommendations to the School Site Council (SSC). PTC operates as a non-profit 501c3 under by-laws adopted by the LdV parent community. A copy of the PTC Bylaws is available for review in the school community liaison office.