Academic and Enrichment Curriculum

Leonardo da Vinci eK-8 School uses all California and school board adopted district textbooks including Open Court (K-6) and Holt (7-8) English Language Arts Program, MacMillen McGraw Hill Math

ART Links


ART Links is a Visual Art and Hands-On, Parent Volunteer based program, concentrated on teaching art history, art elements and principles of design while meeting the standards of the Leonardo Da Vinci based integrated thematic instruction.

Learning Garden


The mission of the LdV school garden is twofold: First, it provides a hands-on area where the California State Content Standards and Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI) are further implemented. The LdV school garden compliments ITI and the state standards, by creating an outdoor classroom for active learning; secondly, the garden will provide a source of fresh, nutritional food to the student population within the school year.