School Site Council

School Site Council


Thank you for your interest in LdV Site Council! 

Please click here to see the meeting agenda for October 5, 2022, 5:30 LdV Auditorium

The mission of Site Council reads: 


LdV fosters the Renaissance Child of the Arts and Sciences through Integrated Thematic Instruction, and operates with a strong ethical commitment to supporting the academic, social, and emotional progress of every child. The mission of the LdV School Site Council is to identify, monitor, and support underperforming student groups and, through public dialogue and allocation of Local Control Funding Formula resources, improve the academic and social performance of those targeted groups.


The 2020-21 Site Council includes these members:

Dave O’Toole (parent member and chair)

Erika Hermosillo (parent member and vice chair)

Charles Mason (parent member and secretary)

Principal Devon Davis                 

Vice Principal Tiffany Ballard                                 

Elly Graves  (LdV staff member)                                         

 Kelley Joseph (LdV staff member)                    

 (LdV staff member)      

Julie Minor (parent member)

2021-22 School Site Plan

Meetings usually occur in the school library, however, while distance learning is occurring the meetings occur via a Zoom link, which is shared in the LdV newsletter with the agenda, the week of the meeting.  The zoom link can also be obtained by contacting Dave O’Toole at  


Parents and teachers are always welcome to join and share their thoughts on the issues being discussed or other issues related to the Site Council mission. 


If you have questions about Site Council or wish to comment on issues related to Site Council, please contact


The principle focus of Site Council is to implement provisions of the annual School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).  Every school in the district prepares these plans and the full SPSA for LdV can be found by clicking on the SPSA link above.  


The LdV Site Council seeks to achieve its mission in the 2021-22 school year through these SPSA goals:

1.      By June 15, 2022, Hispanic, EL, African American, socio economically impacted and special education students will receive differentiated math instruction and increase report card scores by one letter grade.

2.      LdV will improve the ELA scores of 4th-6th grade Hispanic, EL, African American, and special education children by 10% above the District Benchmark Assessments by June 2021.

3.      From August 2021-June 2022 LdV faculty will embed social-emotional learning practices focused on racial equity and inclusivity into universal design for learning lesson plans as evidenced through thematic plans, teacher training sessions, and student data available on illuminate.


LdV will increase counseling referrals and outreach from approximately 20 students per year to 50 students.


You can find the LdV Site Council bylaws below. 


Thank you for your interest in Site Council and we hope to see you at a meeting!


-LdV Site Council