Parent Participation

Parent Participation


Active parent participation is the cornerstone of our school. The goals of parent participation at LdV include the academic success of all children and the empowerment of parents in the educational process. This partnership with the school translates into improved curriculum, enriched school activities for students and an enhanced school environment. Through participation, parents are better informed and able to participate in site-based decision making.

The active participation of parents has been essential to this program and is one of the main ingredients that make our school different and special. Since the inception of LdV, in 1989, parents have added their ideas and talents in a variety of ways to the school program. While there are various committees and some at-home work, the most vital participation needs include:

  • in-class support
  • field trip drivers
  • special event coordinators and workers

The active participation of families at LdV creates a community committed to excellence in education and provides a safe environment for all students. By enrolling a child at LdV, each family commits to 40-50 parent participation hours per school year, based on the number of students in the family. This commitment is needed to maintain and improve the educational environment that we enjoy and have come to expect for our students.