Life Skills


Students learn about the eighteen Life Skills developed by Susan Kovalik.

  • Motivation – the desire or enthusiasm to get the job done
  • Confidence – trust and belief that you are able to do something
  • Integrity – being honest and sincere and have sound moral principles
  • Initiative – doing something because it needs to be done; acting
  • Flexibility – the ability to alter plans when necessary
  • Perseverance – completing what you start
  • Organization – planning, arranging, and implementing in an orderly way
  • Sense of Humor – laughing and being playful without hurting
  • Effort – trying your hardest; being willing to work hard
  • Common Sense – the ability to use good judgment
  • Problem Solving – putting what you know and can do into action
  • Responsibility – being accountable for your actions and responses
  • Patience – the ability to wait calmly for someone or something
  • Friendship – maintaining mutual trust and caring for others
  • Curiosity – a desire to learn or know about all things
  • Cooperation – working together toward a common goal
  • Caring – feeling concern for others
  • Teamwork – working with other people through collaboration