Spring Movie Matinees
March 9th - March 13th


Admission includes water or juice, yogurt, chips or pretzels.  Students can pre-pay for all 5 days, or pay at the door.  You can only pre-pay if you are paying for all 5 days.  Students paying for individual days must pay at the door.  Students paying after March 5th must pay at the door.  Students paying for the whole all 5 days will receive a wristband in class on March 6th.  If your child attends Children’s Center or 4th R a staff member will escort your child from the cafeteria to room 36 and/or 4th R.  Sign-up forms are available in the front office. 


Pre-Pay may also be done using PayPal, use this link https://forms.gle/ndz1vwNQGR6greZa7