Distance Learning School Schedules



Dear Leonardo da Vinci Families,

We are enthusiastic and excited for the school 2020-2021 school year. 

Thank you for both your positive feedback and allowing some space for teachers to bond with their new students. We really appreciate the incredible attendance rates and eagerness of our students. As our year-long theme unrolls…. “You Can Count on Me. We Can Count on each Other.” I am so proud of the school readiness of our students: on time, camera on, “ready for learning” materials, attitude, and posture. Families, please make sure your child’s name is posted on their zoom screens. 

School policy for classroom and meetings: We are not allowing non-identified adults in ANY school meeting or classroom (zoom or in person). As we start the year, norms are essential and we really need zoom cameras on so we can build community, emotional-social community connections, and demonstrate respect to our teacher and parent leaders. Parents, when you attend school meetings, class sessions (later for volunteer time) or class meetings, please make sure you are in a position to have your name posted on the screen and your camera on. We appreciate this courtesy, safety measure, and opportunity to develop relationships through non-verbal and verbal communication. 

Middle School is transitioning to SCUSD google accounts (as opposed to the leonardodavinci domain we have used for many years). Our middle school students are now proficient in the SCUSD domain and this will be a smooth transition. The teachers will update students with needed codes.

As we end our first week of distance learning, we want to say thank you to our teachers, families, and students. We are very excited to share with you our school schedules beginning on September 8. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to develop our final plan.   LdV is committed to thematic instruction, social studies, science, extensions and mastery projects. Teachers will be interweaving our thematic instruction into the “core content areas” as we have always done.


Devon Davis